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For Love

Can you forget that time, and finally it is hurt yourself

Generated from the United States, but also achievements sad!

You intend to fight through my life, leaving the lonely, tell me who to

Had thought, while waiting until the heart is tired, give up perhaps will not regret

Even if we can not go back once, but can not help but miss some of you

Sometimes I’m sad habit habits just because I can not disguise

Retain memories, unable to retain the past …

Earthly intoxication, how it has attracted relatively easy?

Some people, obviously can not forget, why make things difficult for yourself?

Too many sad hearts, how pure smile

Jinxi people ever change? Indeed smile lacking

Starry, I had a look. Because then you have about your legend

I’m in the twilight view, hoping to see you look like clouds. May be waiting for me, but it is a melancholy sunset

Maybe one day you happened to my heart, and you will cry
But, once I have never found

Some words, our only silently to himself, even when they are stupid, people do not want to mention; Some things can only be yourself slowly memories, even when they are hurt, but also reluctant to forget; Some people only care for themselves silently Even knowing that sad, do not want to give up

I came to this world, not because of you, just because of you, I’m making the trip incomparable treasure

Boy girl first say: I love you

Looks like a lot of courage

Great determination under

Say once every subsequent

That initial feeling always pale glimmer

And then I love you

Can already say casually

Yes, it really is just like it!

For growing

Time, do not see age, walked at the same time, taking the young heart

In this sense, a good long sleep, woke up to find that the world is what it seems

Looking at the sky that indomitable will also hidden under the touch of fear

World state changes
You can never please! The tens of millions of treasure treasure
Murdoch back, time has gone

Memories of the past, but a habit. Think like a frustrated relatives, helpless Think ‘Brothers’

People are always idle perplexed, alarmed at the lost time, lost faith in panic …

We had fun!
Once dedicated! Ever laughed so free and easy! Why then everything changed ……

Maybe wind direction is more suitable for flying, I’m not afraid of rain stop, I’m afraid lonely wandering …

Past is dust, and I’ll blow, falling face gray
The future is water, I went to baseball, catch a glimpse of the waves re-

Time of the waves, dilute childhood OK

Childhood ideals, only to encounter the real end frustration

Looking to the future, can only see the white mist and fog, I do not know the way much longer!

Sorry, can not help you what

For the past

For what I did, I never regret it, but sometimes I feel silly, quite simply!

Love is not terrible, terrible is afraid to express

Resentment is not terrible, terrible is that you can not let go

Alone is not terrible, terrible is no care

Misunderstanding is not terrible, terrible people scattered horizon

Origin edge off the edge of the scattered dream
Huakaihuaxie Whispering wind

Yesterday the rain yesterday breeze yesterday how worthy to mention the old things

Sometimes life really is helpless

Afraid of things, always after another and occasionally think, to be a fool, might be able to live a more comfortable

For now

Years Cuican the face, bustling blurred vision
Living in crowded lot, but feel exceptionally lonely.

This world, and everywhere in the construction kept, quiet alternative to the hustle and bustle already; night lights shining clear and bright, and the night has been dyed dawn. Vex him more and more impetuous soon filled lives. Everyone wants to go out to the car, industrious gradually reduced to laziness.

Sound of drums encouraging people anxious people how to Whispering wind
For the future

I’m waiting, waiting for a final outcome. Perhaps bird bridge cross ride, Liu Shao on the encounter; perhaps defeat leaves falling, and turned away without a word; perhaps Elixir of Love by ordinary together as friends.

If there doomsday

I think I will not leave you, even you and me, the outcome would not have

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A tortoise on the ground is run, but rabbits, turtles can swim in the water is always faster than rabbits, not to misplace their place.

2, a group of animals to travel, and finally came back only snails because snails around the house back on the body. Perhaps a burden in your eyes, but in others there may be his greatest strength and security, so people do not easily get rid of the burden of the body, you may kill people.

3, crows learn Eagles grab sheep, wool coiled around its paw results are the last to be the shepherd of his death alive. Not every kind of bird called Eagle, you can recognize yourself in the forest to live.

4, one day the ants and elephants than to strength, ants proud to say that they can lift heavy one hundred times more than their own thing, then shook the body of an elephant mud, the results confused ants stoned. Never misplaced, or will die miserable.

5, there is a wolf desperately chasing sheep, sheep grazing accompany daily, lambs were moved, and agreed with him that night the wolf back to the sheepfold, the results have been hundreds of sheep killed by wolves also includes bird lambs. No matter how camouflaged enemy, never give yourself the opportunity to believe him, or you will kill yourself will not only kill companions.

6, the horse ran into the desert camel, horse laugh camel back and said: “Hey, dude your back really ugly!” Camel horse is just no reason to continue on their way. Finally out of the desert, camels, horses, but never came out, looked at the horse’s body camel laugh. Do not laugh at other people’s appearance, or maybe someday you will become someone else’s joke.

7, there is a rabbit lazy, always graze in their own den, and finally caught by hunters. Eat the grass edge of time to think about the consequences, if you think you are starting to eat eat, do not eat can not afford to eat.

8, forest beauty pageant held, peacock first reported the name fancied he certainly could get title, even the preliminary results did before. Peacock very angry, went to goat judges. Goat judges said: “Although the beautiful peacock opening screen you, but bare ass!” Peacock very embarrassing to leave. Do not just look in the mirror to see the front, but also look back, or will a laughing stock.

9, very hot in summer, zebras go to the river to drink water, just to see hippos playing in the river, zebras wanted it to play Why can not I play this game. Zebra on the jump to play, no one will be killed by crocodiles put it. Not that strength do not play, because you afford to lose.

10, a duck saw geese flying in the sky, very comfortable, did not feel any difference how to fly. It went to the other on the cliff results plunges it did not thump a few vertical fall, fell a hemiplegia. Did not fully prepared before, do not rush to go uncharted attempt.

11, a stray dog ​​on the prairie, and take a few days did not meet an animal, the fifth day saw wild dogs, which I am delighted to say hello and ran past, the result was killed by wild dogs. Do not say hello to strangers, especially when the two of you.

12, a fish swimming in the water, when it sees a leech by the water to rinse out and have found very poor, they swam over to ask what leeches can help it do? Leech said it hurt, and asked the fish can not take it back home, the fish readily accepted, and feel that they made a second good thing. Leech’s house did not wait until the fish was dead, it sucks. Good things also have to pay attention to their own safety, or regret it too late.

13, the Lions invited to the valley tigers hunt, promised to catch prey half to it, the tiger thought went. To the valley lions blocked the only escape route, the tiger ate. And a strong competitor cooperation must find a good retreat.

14, a turtle sunbathing on the beach, when flying an eagle, turtle feel that they have a hard shell, the eagle carries no way to have nothing to fear. Results eagle claws grabbed a turtle, flew thousands of meters in the air, flying over a rocky time in the fiercely fell off the tortoise, the tortoise even intestines fall out. Do not be too confident of their own, you can pick up more people than you can think of much more.

15, chameleons feel very powerful, one day on the way home but was blocked by the snake, the snake’s belly turned out meal. Nobody can fool all the people, even if you disguise it gets.

PostHeaderIcon Lonely single woman

A woman’s loneliness is invisible, Words can not describe it, is a person’s loneliness, lonely wandering in the sea boat. Every day I spend the night, looking forward to the dawn. This loneliness is the piercing is in tears, are all happy people never understand. -

Only at dawn when mixed with the night, I feel that they are really the need to have someone to love it. Alternating day and night just not exchanged, we can not imagine the other side of the world. We still insist on their own, etc. in place, waiting for the other appeared at that moment. -

So I know I’m lonely desolate after dark, so I know how sad I am unimpeded after tears, I cried so I know tears are salty, you happy so you only know the taste of happiness. So you only know you have joy. I’m not you, you are not me. So we each have their own experience of happiness and unhappiness. I envy you, you laugh at me. Such contrasts the fate of such a large distance from each other, we will only get away. -

I was drunk because I’m lonely. -

I’m lonely, who is going to comfort me. -

No one to spend the day, whether it is night and day are bleak. Some people love someone to accompany the day, whether it is alive or dead are lucky. -

You will never understand me sad -

Like an eternity burning sun -

Do not know that the moon Yingque -

You will never understand me sad. -

Like the day do not understand the black night -

Do not know why the stars that fall -

When I lived in a lonely house, when I was a lonely man lying on the big bed, when I was a person sitting in front of a computer looking at the screen blankly when I am lonely cry in the night, when I have nobody to take care of a sick person, and when I am a man looking out the lights dim, and when I am a man watching others embraced each other, my heart aches tears in the stream. At this time lover, husband, what is? Where are they? I started some blurred, some doubts in life, and ask yourself love of the game in the end there are no rules? Ask yourself this lonely day when we can end? I ask myself, where is that him? -

You understand? You understand? Whether it has and I have had the same feelings and sorrow? Is also deeply appreciate over a single woman’s loneliness is what? -

I hope every day, waiting, in anticipation, in the bitter struggle. Day after day, year after year, in the end I doing? In so what? You do not do not believe in a woman’s tears are salty, do not believe a woman’s loneliness is true, not to laugh at a woman’s obsession for love and crazy. -

When you do not get, you will exhaust all the sweet talk and time to accompany her to take care of her. She cares about everything. But when you really have to get, the love in your heart and count it? The moment you already do not care about her feelings, and already do not care about the pain of her heart, and do not care about her tears had exactly whom to stay. -

I have been naive to think that before this life long enough to be a good person. But then I gradually learned not only to be a good person, but also to be a good woman, to be a good daughter, be a good wife, to be a good daughter, be a good mother, a woman’s life unknowingly to play a lot, a lot of different important roles, regardless of which do well, will be condemned by society. So as a woman is not easy. -

No matter what kind of reasons and justifications, hurt the one you love, as women are sins. If you simply can not afford to give any commitment and love her, then give her a little time and space, can not give her happiness and stability, then please do not you just let go of her. Give her freedom, let her go to another to find their own happiness, do not go again and again to hurt her. To know that she fell in love with you was not her fault. -

You have the right not love her, but you have absolutely no right to hurt her. -

You have the right not to vote for her, but you have absolutely no right to her and abandon her. Let her crying in the wind. -

If you really sure you want her, then that seriously have her every day. Do not go to hurt her, do not easily give her time to go better than you know man, do not mean your time to accompany her, but do not easily let go of her hand. Perhaps you inadvertently loosen her hands the moment, it really is doomed life no chance to go hold her hand up. -

Please do not believe that there really have a change of heart, broken mirror can also ends it. When fate has done, it is no longer any excuse for myself. Because she will think you do not love her, she will think you do not care, will think you have a change of heart, will be really sad, very thorough with tears of despair and leave you, leave you, leave you ……

I want to fall in love. Really want a home (original)

I Really Want to Love …… -

A. Would like to have a man in my confused, sad time with me, comforted me, you can let me borrow his shoulder to rely on.

A. He can stay with me shopping, go to the beach, go hiking, watching the sunrise, as long as his companion where I willing to go.

A. I’m not happy at the time, you can accompany me crazy seaside shout out. -

A. Can be patient and do my loyal audience, listening to me all my unhappy things. -

A. Can be in real life I did not like one of his (her boyfriend), no real feel more talked about love, there is no real enjoyment over all earthly happiness. -

A. I want to have a love of their own men, and a happy warm home, I think it must be very happy, but I never really enjoyed such happiness. -

A. I feel sometimes really poor, men and women coming and going to see the streets are so affectionate, so loving, my heart really difficult subject. -

A. I know that I very much hope, I am longing, he could soon appear. -

A. I cry, I was afraid, because I was afraid not to wait until he appeared that day, I’ll leave this world. -

A. I’m not a princess, nor is Cinderella, then I will have my prince do? -

- Really Want a home …… -

A. That house has me, him, and our baby. -

A. Inside the house, and his hand-picked my pillow and sheets. Cups and dishes. -

A. That house has me and his hard work and sustenance. -

A. That house has our dreams and future. -

A. That house is only happiness and joy, there is no war and distance. -

A. Only the warmth and care of the house, there is no doubt and injury

A. That house is not just a simple “house”, in our hearts, it also has a more appealing name of “Happy House”

A. I think my future husband who would be? -

A. I think he was in the end look like it? -

A. I wonder where he is now in it? -

A. I wonder why he did not appear too? Why not come to me? -

A. Maybe I’ll wait for that person within reach, but I have not felt. -

A. I pray every day, if you can hear me calling you, then it would appear you please hurry up! Come save me! Come take me with you! -

I cried and waited …… for you there.

Is that you? – Really you do? If you are, then why not take me away. -

I’m afraid I can not, I want to hold you. Until you feel your hair line, with traces of snow. Until you feel your wrinkles, with traces of the years. Until blurred vision, until I can not breathe. Let us leave the shadows.

145 Who sings love songs (original)

The following inside the brackets is 145 song names in series in an article, is my original article, I hope you ethical, Do not reproduced, transmitted, copied, enjoying some good, thank you. -

Have always thought that we will (forever), has been thought you would (change of heart) and then (back to me), but (later) (slowly) I think we are (not) (back to front) a.

(Frankly) said: (love a person really so hard). Especially (parting) taste. More people (broke our hearts), (Why can not love together)? Watching you (tears your face) My heart is (pain). I know (after breaking) I will (like you). (I miss you), (every day like you) a. But I (hope) you can from this (free-flying) (brighter) (fly higher), (daily) can have a (good mood), (I believe) (good dreams), but also (I believe) eventually (one day) you will (plainly my heart) will know my (well-intentioned)’s. -

(Recall) (years) before that (night), we have a (contract), you said you would (love you forever) You say (our love) as (beautiful myth), watching (your eyes ) I (not help) to (love you), being (as in love with you) will let me (extricate) (captivated). (Really) want to be able to (with you to the permanent), energy (love you a million years). (As long as you are) for (day) I would (not afraid of anything). -

(Has anyone told you) I (love you) really (love love you), you are my (first love) in my (Notepad), the record of (our dreams ) have (many) of the (once)? Many of the (first), a lot of (met) and (meet). -

(I remember) we (Meet in the rain), (in the rain) You said to me: ‘(I’m your sky) is your (summer waves) is your (unique). (Even if there is no tomorrow) (I still love you), as long as (the way of you) I would not (alone).

No one can (understand) (how much I love you), (how many times) (dream) (us) (married), (dream wedding) with (Mom and Dad) has (sea) have sky (flying) The (Nabi). -

(Suddenly) I like a (lonely flower). Like (Crying lily). Like (fairy tale) in the (Cinderella), seems to be (the evil), like, in (mad world) (Find) (you). -

(Original) (I’ve been) (thousands of miles away) (Maze) like (dream) (waiting for you), (alone) is singing (own) that the first (single song). In the end (who you are and who I am)? In the end (between us) there is no (true love)? (Crush) a (feeling) (really hurts). Although (love love), although (parting) (sight). But I still do not want to sing their own song (monologue). -

(Now I) (Only Have Feelings For You), (how to do) (Weiaichikuang) for me. True (forever) (do not want to grow up). Really do not want (laughs tears), but do not want to sing for you (from the song). -

(If you do not love me) on (do not be afraid I’m sad) (Tell me). (My heart is a mess) (finally understand) (So you do not want anything). (Perhaps) just my (wishful) (since so sentimental). But whatever you (love me), I have (never regretted falling in love with you). -

(Dawn), (wind) blew away the (home) of the (cloud), and my (dream) that (wake up). Although I (do not) have (courage) (select) (left), though (I know you love me) but I (can not give you happiness) so I can only (let go). -

I will (brave) the (face) (future), (bless) me! -

Love is not to say sorry (original)

Say that love is very sweet, said a woman in love is not that just can see, is simply happy face and intoxicated. Say when love comes, everyone will be happy, invigorating, especially women. But when love is lost, they will like the sky before rain, overcast and deep.

Everyone has been in love, have been impulsive, have been young, have lost too, there had been love, but can not spend the helpless. So each time the experience and outcome are also not the same. Happy, there is no choice, there are cruel, and have wonderful, there is bitterness, there are tears, there are the results, not the results. Everyone has been in love triumph, failure. And every day we are in the memories of happy times of the past, are sweet aftertaste comes. Does anyone think when everything can be lost, when he no longer loves you, the moment when they broke up look like it? In fact, I feel that life itself is very simple, and very colorful. Deceives people just being complicated, like the complex, ever complicated. Weekdays in dribs and drabs, bumps, really is inevitable, but do not be too concerned about and care about. Think of it as are living in some of the episode Do not you?

Life itself seems to be a hard to read, but very exciting book, see if you can keep reading patience.

When he read the first few pages, you will feel very excited, can not wait to the last one to know the results studied, but also by the beauty and virtuous heroine and conquest. (This is the initial love is the most attractive to each other, when the most love.)

And read also almost half of the time, you will begin to slowly feel bland and boring, or even want to look back to this another book. In fact, you did not know already quietly and began running, start the mutual recognition of each other, away from the door of happiness is only one step away, but you still do not withstand the final test and give up a love , a marriage. (Break in period, but men and women, usually tired of living in this period of life and can not stand the test of choice brutal funk.)

When he read half of the time, people read too often feel exhausted, but have been reading for so long not bear to give up, so to add slow reading progress, results for him also no longer important. (So ​​they ignore each other’s feelings and when reading and understanding the entire process, step by step so that the marriage has become stagnant, no cure it.)

If you can stick to a patient, whether good book can read the final page of the people, that he must be one understand life, and life will be good business and treat a good man. Everyone expects that they can fortunately met such a person, but as fate would sometimes tease people so. If being able to meet in your life your loved one, no matter what the outcome, you are lucky. If we can grow old together, of course, is very good. However, if the break up or for the love and hurt, are also happy. After all, you loved, also had tears fall for love, for love has been heartbreaking, also for love laugh too, have embraced the wind in the winter too, have a stroll in the summer rain too. Even if the original lover has now gone, even once the flowers have faded love. But when love that sweet romantic plot and the original will remain in your eachother my heart echoed over and over again, which is not also a very happy, very memorable thing? So everything is still well go with the flow, let us easily visited every day, let’s go treat our youth and our hearts.

Through thousands of years, why should love one wronged themselves they do not love it? Why wronged themselves to maintain a marriage without love it? Why wronged themselves been a happy life without knowing it? Why go in the quarrel to consume their youth do? Our life really should not be so ah! Meaning of love itself is by no means allow a man to sacrifice another person, nor is it necessarily have to love a person has called him loved him. But to pay two people together, in which each can be happy and satisfied, this is the real meaning of love, is not it? So I say absolutely not for one person to live as a man to death for a person crazy. A person to assume two people in love is painful, a man to bear the pain of two people is unfair. Only two hearts closer to each other, mutually recognized sincere to each other, that is love, that love to be considered. Love making the pain, the pain etched memories, memories have witnessed the love. What is love, maybe it was just a dream!

I’m just a grain of sand in the earth, ordinary people do not pay attention not see anything. I have my feelings and frustration, I can not put aside all the things they want to pursue. Maybe a few years later I will brave live for themselves once, I can like a butterfly Liberal happens in the sky dance.

Silent (Original)

I do not know why people happy? Why sad? Why the tears? Why are there so many lifetime of joys and sorrows, ups and downs? These issues are so over the years I have always wanted to know. I once stumbled seems to be in the state laid down overnight. I will not ever hide, no disguise, but do not know how to protect a vulnerable self. Once my fragile vulnerable, once I will be sad to cry all night, once I will not drink a drink of their own unconscious world, once I learned from a naive little girl into a Today, a mature woman, the whole process is so bumpy and painful. All the way from the sad and unobstructed, that the genuineness of pain, no one can see, no one can be realized. Kind of pain can lead people to tears, will make people confused want to leave this world. Everyone happiness standards are not the same, then everyone has the ability to withstand pain is not the same. Although I desire happiness, but I do not want my happiness for themselves, fictional, and even illusory are not touch. If that’s the case, I would rather not, not a lifetime. Maybe I was born with a perfect woman, want to pursue and also not the same as ordinary people. Although very slim, although hard to find in this world, but I still do not give up their belief in the hearts of the kind. I want my true love, I want my flat light marriage, I only belong to a man I am a man. In this world there are many right hello, love you. But you love, but only one for you. You can not fall in love with two people, you can not have both psychological hearts, then they would think you are how to choose. But no matter how you choose must adhere to a bottom line that must not force himself wronged themselves to adapt to a lifetime can not meet people who love one yourself tired and can not give you a happy person. I do not want you to Jinshan, Yinshan, but I definitely want your one recognized.

If the end of a relationship so any lost, what shall we do regret and regret, I think if you work hard and regret that we will not regret it, if you do not cherish, even the opportunity to give you ten times, the result is the same. Perhaps only lost to each other what is wrong with the original will wake up, and had exactly where the road falls. As I was then so simple and naive, that the fantasy of the future on the home of a woman’s true that a woman is really sincere confession, that the dedication of love of a woman is true, I am not afraid of being a joke I’m not afraid of people look down I am more afraid of people say I’m stupid, I want my love, want is my home, want is my happiness and future. If you can not give everything I wanted then please leave me, please do not disrupt my quiet life, come to me and abandon me. I do not believe that love can not be left over everything, but do not believe love can change everything.

Two people together, do not feel wronged, or who pay more for whom less. Not to think only of their own to change the most, they pay the most. In fact two people together, both being and have been quietly trying to change, but this process of change is not seen by the other party, the other party may only see their own changes and ignore each other’s feelings. In fact, not who wants to conquer each other with who or who wants to change who just throw away the advantages disadvantages of leaving each other for one purpose and objectives adapt to each other only. Complaints can only hurt each other so absolutely no benefit. It sounds very funny, usually I’m really conservative and simple, I have deliberately shut ourselves very tight, and I do not want the outside world and I do not want contact with the outside world, because I am worried even more scared. I usually do not have much happy things, not so much smile. What more does not write, just write on personal experience, are written in a true portrayal, so popular, so will let others feel the same way. In fact, I had been accustomed to a person’s life, accustomed to unfettered freedom, but also to adapt a single woman lonely day, so I wrote unhappy, sad things, write “a single woman’s loneliness” when so real . Perhaps one day suddenly a man appeared beside me, I still feel that suited it! In fact, in my heart what fate, what God, in fact, as early as in a number of years ago, I no longer believe. In fact, so good to me over the years many people, a lot of people to my confession, said he would love me for life many people, saying that would make me the happiest woman in the world to become a lot, almost all kinds of sweet talk me heard that there are a few can really do it? Oath is the biggest enemy of time, the time to attack and vowed not naturally broken. Perhaps when you pursue what you are good, you are God, you are fairy, you are virtually all shortcomings become advantages, but when you get when you fail or fail to recover, you will be in the overnight change what is not good, and become good for nothing. Becomes worthless unwanted woman. This is the hypocrisy of human beings, this is a terrible life, this is called love. So for the commitment I no longer care much about and believe. In fact, sometimes I think: “Why in the world should someone do? Why do people want to men and women do? Why should children do? Why generations Takumi adults do? If there is no such human beings, without regard to sex, I would like to there will be no “Love” will not have so many sad crazy man Maid, and it would not be and Butterfly Lovers, the Cowherd and Weaver Girl Love indeed sometimes can bring happiness, but it can also often brings trouble, but trouble and scars for life, you want to love a person is not difficult, but in order to lifetime love someone that is more difficult.

A friend said: “A man’s taste is to love his woman’s oxygen, a woman’s heart is not live without oxygen, so when a man leaves the longer the oxygen will be more light, a woman’s mood will be worse, it will more and more irritable, more incomprehensible, so if the men also love this woman, do not leave her too long, so she would suffocate from lack of oxygen even close your eyes and not wake up forever.

Bless all the world’s lovers can cherish your side the other half, do not know when they lose when regret. That the first “change of heart” is just sing it, just write the lyrics and moving. In fact, true love is no change of heart.

PostHeaderIcon The most vulnerable place is reluctant

The most vulnerable place is reluctant
True love is not love at first sight, but soon fell in love; true fate, not God’s arrangement, but your initiative; genuine self-esteem, not your not good, but you want her too good; truly care, not what you think good to ask her to change, but she was the first one to change your discovery; real paradox, is not she does not understand you, but you will not be forgiving her.

We have always felt that a compromise some will some tolerate can be happy. But when you put the bottom line of the more low, you get a result that is lower! Is not it?

Do not be lonely love the wrong person, not to the wrong person because of love and lonely life, try to trust in order to be happy. Love is the book, turned the casual miss, read too seriously will be tears. Woman will remember her laugh man, a man will remember him crying woman, but women are always left in the men around her crying, men are left in the woman beside him laugh.

How many people say, I will wait for you, so you change your mind that day; I will wait for you, so you want to be with me that day; I will wait for you, so you leave that person came to me that day ; I will wait for you, so you …… but people ever know that there is love, there is no waiting several really stand!

The world’s most cruel word, not sorry, nor is it I hate you, but we can not go back. Is such a relatively simple sentence, life will be two close people originally separated as alienated. Not experienced people who will never understand, and that is what a painful experience.

The most precious thing is not your own material, but to accompany the people around you. Can not force someone to love themselves, can only strive to allow themselves to be worthy of love, and the rest of the things they rely on fate.

Love always makes us have too much hope: hope for a long time, I hope not, respectively, in the hope of possession and implementation. And eventually just feel slightly tired, I do not know where to go. Love is this, some people will slowly lost in the dust of years where, cried, laughed, fights, uttered, and then reluctantly also only once.

The world’s most touching love words, not “I love you”, but in my time of need, you say “I’ll be there”.

Each one did not dare to love a woman, must deeply loved. Looks as if vulnerable to the attack, in fact, already invaded the body detoxification.

Woman like pears, sweet outside inside acids. The people do not know pears pear heart is sour, because eating the last throw put the heart, so men never understand a woman’s heart. Men like onions, you want to see a man’s heart will need to peel layer by layer! But in the process of stripping you will continue to shed tears, peeling onions in the end you know is not the heart.

Love is the most taboo: they all dream of each other in the future, but there are always thinking about each other’s past.

Obviously saying look away, put down, every time but always unconsciously think of that gives a warm person. Often and always smiling when you see the reality intoxicated, thought the pain, and then, feeling cold not warm up longer. So again, the heart, and finally tired, the reality is this. I have drunk, but eventually woke up, I was walking, but can not find direction.

I want to give you happiness, but do not go into your world. I want to use my gateway to the world in exchange for a ticket to your world, but it was just my wishful thinking. My world, you do not care; your world, I was expelled. I really like you, close your eyes, thinking that I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves.

Apology does not always mean you are wrong, and the other is correct. Sometimes it just means that a relatively self-concerned, you cherish your relationship.

Some injuries, plan in hand, the healing has since become past; some injuries, plan in mind, even draw very lightly, also stationed in the heart; Some people, in close proximity, but it is a lifetime chance. Life, it seems there is always a bear pain. Some regret, destined to bear a lifetime; life, there are always some fine porcelain emotions around us fall apart, but that cracks are left in the moment when Suimu back.

1. What a show off, explain what is missing inside. A place where more people care about is his biggest inferiority place.

2. Some people want more more, the more he is pretending it does not matter; more afraid to lose, the more pretending to care.

3. People more proud of things, the more love hide; the more painful, the more love fuss.

4. Hate someone, advantage was seen as camouflage; like someone, shortcomings become better.

Sometimes, the same thing, we can go to comfort others, but can not convince myself.

Love is love, you can not care about anything. As long as you want, as long as I have, because I love you, so I am willing. Once the emotions calm down, there will be successive heart care, why do I pay more than you; Why do what I can give you, but you have to hide, then the Cold War, quarrel, break up, and well, the Cold War … go too … is your hand, you can only go but the memory of the original.

Not in love before the start, you never imagine would like to love a person; in love before the end, you never imagine that kind of love will not disappear; be forgotten in love before, you never imagine as unforgettable Love will be leaving only faint traces; in love again before the start, you never imagine again find that kind of love.

Some people have no chance to see, and so have the opportunity to met, but hesitated. Some things have not had a chance to do so have the opportunity, but do not do it again. Some words buried in the hearts of long time, no chance to say, so have the opportunity to say when, said it did not exported. Some love has no chance to love, so have the opportunity, and have not love. Some words have many opportunities to say, but thinking about the future again, to say when they have no chance.

Maybe you do not appearance, but you talented; Maybe you did before, but you gentle; Maybe you do not gentle, but you …… maybe you have nothing, but maybe he / she is in love with your ordinary.

Time will tell you all the truth. There are things that have to wait until you gradually wake up, they would understand that it was a mistake; Some things have to wait until you really put down, before we know it’s heavy.

Can in hand, please do not side by side; able to embrace it, please do not hand in hand. Can love it, please mention separately; have love, please do not touch ambiguous.

Injury of men to women, not necessarily that he fell in love with someone else, but he has been looking at her when she disappointed when she did not give her vulnerable due to comfort.

World without tragedy and comedy of the points, if you come out from the tragedy, it is comedy; if you indulge in comedy into, then it is a tragedy. If you just wait, all that happens is you get older. The meaning of life is not to get a good hand, but rather to lay a worthless hand.
If each other earlier, probably would not have fingers intertwined with another person. Or meet again late, late two people experience in their love slowly learn tolerance and understanding, treating and compromise, perhaps to come together, they will not give up so easily, wayward turn, let go of love. But time will not look back, how can we love “if”?
People most vulnerable place, is reluctant.
No longer bear a wonderful feeling, bear a vanity, reluctant applause. We always thought the best days will be very, very long, do not leave so quickly. As we relented and lack of courage, the best days of relentlessly gone up.
Sometimes, you are not such things, opportunities, or who you like is time. Other time, let yourself forget that other time, let yourself change, to give up is to get, forget-it = for-get-it
Like a person is a feeling, not like a person is the fact. Fact is easily explained, I feel it is hard to put into words.
Typically, every heart there is a strong woman behind the man to let her grow up sometime let her Taichetaiwu emotional experience, a desperate and finally put itself into a transformation process of rebirth. A woman with a strong heart, and usually is not strong aggressive, on the contrary she may be gentle, smiling, toughness, unhurried, calm and calm.

People like you, want you now; love you, want you in the future.
Do not stand next to envy the happiness of others, in fact, have been in their own happiness around you. As long as you have life, and miracles hands, you have no reason to when passing, when the spectators have no reason to complain about life. Because if they work hard, happiness hand can reach it.
Tend to like a person, without any reason; does not like a person, but has a lot of excuses.

If you want one thing, he let it go. If it comes back to you, yours forever; it back if it simply is not for you.

The best revenge is not hatred, but given the cold at heart, why spend energy to hate an irrelevant person.

If you are not happy, if not happy, then let her go; if reluctant, if not fit, it would be painful. Now I know, do not know a person, you can love him; Now I understand, do not love a person, you can also miss him; Some people inadvertently appear to give you an unexpected surprise. Who thought he was God in your life, you can save the soul thirst, in fact, wrong, some people just destined to walk hurriedly passing in life.

Your favorite, often did not choose you; love you, more often than not you love; while most long-term, but why are not you love is not love you, but at the most appropriate time to the man.

I tried not to cherish the memory of the past, as to when the road can not go back. I am careful to love others as less likely to flood. I cry when they cry, to laugh when they laugh, as long as it all out naturally. I do not seek profound, just simple.

If a man really loves you, he will not snub you more than three days, because you miss the days of sad; if a man really loves you, he will think you are the best and will not compare you with other women , even if you are not good; if a man really loves you, he will always think of you happy, will not make you cry; if a man really loves you, he will quietly give everything, but few let you know he did sacrifice.

You have to believe that you have a person coming forward, he will bring you the most beautiful love. You have to do just that person before the advent of take care of themselves. Sad and did not use, how to make your live well is most important. Love, although the United States, but not all of life: forever, love Haikudanlan minimal; each other, grow old marriage was everywhere. Departed this life is doomed to miss; belongs to you, must be in a certain place waiting for you to appear.
Encounter when you really love: To strive for and his chance forever, because when he left, it was too late; encountered when friends can believe: To get along well with him, because in human life, can meet friends really easy; when encountered people who have loved: remember to smile, you know better because he is love.

Most sad, is not to lose too much yesterday, but being immersed in yesterday’s tragedy. The most stupid, is not without pitfalls found in front, but the second time they fell into it. Most lonely, not other people do not want to, but this man went out from the heart.

Childhood, I hope to grow up quickly, grow up, they found lost childhood; single, began to envy sweet lovers, love, miss the freedom of singles. Many things do not always feel good when you get to obtain before starting to understand: we get also losing.

Forget a person, not longer think, but occasionally think, mind no longer waves. Really forget that it was not hard.
Festive make happy people happier, more lonely lonely people.

Life is short decades, the most important thing is to satisfy myself, not to please others; each person there is always reluctant to open secret, do not Kukuxiangbi; no matter how a person excuse to fall always be forgiven , no more love, more to love yourself.

Love a girl, for her happiness than to abandon her, it is better to keep her happy for her efforts.

Maintain a relationship, not a confession, but taking into account each other’s feelings, have reservations.

Understand people know how to give, people who know how to sacrifice the truth, happy people know how to transcend. Do not love themselves, most need is to understand, to give up and blessing, too much self-assertion is begging each other’s charity. Love and be loved, are the things that make people happy, do not let them become painful.

We often see the scenery is: a man always look and envy the happiness of others, a look back, they found themselves being looked and envy. In fact, everyone is happy. But, your happiness, often in the eyes of others. Love this stuff, time is critical, understanding too early or too late, will not work.

Sometimes, facing the people around, I suddenly felt speechless. Sometimes, things have always insisted overnight beyond recognition. Sometimes, like to indulge themselves, want to send a crazy hysterical frankly. Sometimes, people suddenly say to you, I think you have changed, and then he started with mixed feelings. Sometimes, I feel they own the whole world, in fact, the moment but feel nothing ……

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. – The greatest happiness in life is, convinced that someone loves us.

When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday, the last memory is no longer important to become one day, we suddenly find ourselves unconsciously has pushed forward by time, it’s not a train in still another train goes you may feel the illusion of moving forward, but we for real growth, in this case become different.

Life, at least once, you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership, do not even ask you love me, just in my most beautiful years, met you. “- Xu

You do not know I exist, I already start to finish, complete, loved you ten times the …… ((Kang Yong – to an unknown lover Love SMS))

One day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for. One day the man walked into your life, you will understand that love is always worth the wait.

You meet a person, you love him a little more, then you will always lose him. Then, when you meet another, and he loves you more, then you will sooner or later leave him. Until one day, you meet a person, you love each other. Finally you understand that all of the search, but also a process. Once in the horizon, now disappear. – Zhang Xiaoxian

Make you cry to the piercing that person is the person you love; make you laugh to the heartless man, is the person who loves you.

Some people can not be together, to their hearts together;
Some people on the surface together, but their hearts are not together;
Some people never wanted to be together, but naturally together;
Some people hardships to finally together, but found that they do not fit together.

Even Finally, we are not together, at least love, or will be together.
Love together, together!
Wake up every morning and saw you and the sun are in, this is what I want in the future.

PostHeaderIcon Grew up just a child’s dream

Childhood, always want to grow up quickly. Because he had grown up by the teachers and the parents do not need to various constraints, no longer hear them chatter that lesson, but they no longer need to fear that kill people’s eyes. Grow up, they can freely and need not care about how others see. In short, it seems at the time, growing up is a big benefit!

And now, but really grew up, came so suddenly, feeling a little overwhelmed, reminding us of scenes suddenly lost. Originally, time flies so fast actually! His childhood dreaming has finally come true, but not the slightest excitement, there are only more confusion and frustration. Look in the mirror is not the vicissitudes of the year and slightly childish face, one time actually become somewhat lost.

More grew more lonely. Those innocent childhood years is really gone, those we have already folded paper had yellowed paper airplane, a childhood companion had become a stranger, and went their separate ways, the time could be so cruel . It turned out that some things, some people, passed, really irreparable. Flowers fade eventually bloom, but difficult to close the overlying water. Maybe now I truly appreciate the growing price. Got what? What have they lost?

Grow up, grow up finally know the helplessness; grow up, will eventually have to leave their parents; grow up, but also know their responsibilities getting heavier. I do not know since when, began to miss his parents, “confrontation” of the day, the thought of a child being beaten scolded the scene, even will laugh so natural. It turned out that a child everything is so worth treasuring, reassuring.

Grow up, really grow up. Before knowing unconsciously, my father had long black hair turn white-haired head, and face more vicissitudes. At this time only to find that I could not have the chance to ride in that stalwart man’s shoulders at the beach watching the sunrise. Mother pair of bright eyes had become so muddy do not know when. Time, not only in changing me, and my parents also changing, changing everything to do with things. It turned out that time could be so heartless!

Gradually, we feel grown ruthless and helplessness. Began to miss the past, nostalgic childhood all, regardless of happy, or is unhappy, and now it seems are so warm and happy. Just past everything, only to become the past, become memories, perhaps one day, will be gradually forgotten. Time all things perish, who can break the shackles of time it? From whom the wheel of time will not stay, run over, and eventually will become history. Love was beautiful, prosperous city, splendid culture, will eventually become the dust of history! Life is as fleeting rush, you and I are just passing each other in life.

Life goes on, day or in the drain. Past have become memories, will now become the past, the future will eventually become the past! Grew up just a child’s dream!